Jim Stanton

Jim Stanton brings to his speaking engagements the esprit of the paratrooper. A former officer of the airborne forces, Jim’s seminar participants describe him as energetic, humorous, knowledgeable, charming and a great communicator with a commitment to excellence. As a Green Beret, Jim served in Canada, Europe and the Far East for seven years. A graduate of Simon Fraser University, Jim brings to his seminars more than 30 years of first-hand experience as a broadcaster, communicator, trainer and public speaker.

Skilled at issues management, Jim’s clients have included politicians and presidents of major corporations, Canadian and US cities, as well as senior police and fire officers. Jim is familiar with the specialized language of government and is accustomed to handling sensitive issues with potentially serious public relations and political implications.

As a professional speaker, Jim delivers crisp and concise ideas, flawless communications, entertainment and a powerful dedication to making a difference in people’s lives.

Jim’s strengths lie in his ability to become familiar with client situations and needs. He is experienced at providing innovative and creative programs that are successful because he is committed to getting the job done. Ontario‚Äôs late Chief Medical Officer of Health for, Dr Sheela Basrur, asked Jim to sit on a blue ribbon SARS Panel to examine strategic communications considerations for Ontario’s health programs. Dr Basrur said: “I asked Jim Stanton to join our SARS Experts Panel because he is one of the leading minds in crisis communications & media relations in Canada.”

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