Annette Bidniak

“Talk less, say more.” That’s the philosophy of award-winning communicator Annette Bidniak. Annette has made numerous appearances as a guest speaker and media relations trainer across Canada and the United States. During her 16 years as a public information officer with the Edmonton Police Service, Annette gained extensive experience in media relations and crisis communications. She was honoured for Outstanding Public Service by the Edmonton Police Service, and received the Mark of Excellence in Media Relations from the Criminal Intelligence Service of Canada and the President’s Award from the International Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators’ Association. Early in her career, while working with Alberta Correctional Services as a staff trainer, Annette was trained as a hostage negotiator and learned the value of clear, concise communications in high-risk situations. In 2005, the Solicitor General recruited Annette to the Alberta government where she served as a Communications Director for several years. With more than 20 years of experience as a communications specialist, Annette will help you feel comfortable and confident in high-pressure media situations.

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